Actors’ Protest Backs Greek ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’

‘Fear will not win’ – protest takes place outside Acropol Theater in Athens

A row over a production of Jesus Christ Superstar has spurred actors and supporters of the musical to demonstrate outside an Athens theatre.

Holding a banner reading “Fear will not win”, actors and citizens stood outside the capital’s Acropol Theater protesting against religious objections to the controversial musical, amid claims theatergoers have faced threats and intimidation.

On Thursday night, dozens of people gathered outside the theater on Ippokratous Street, showing their support for the actors and all involved in the production.

“From the very first day, these groups formed a fanatical mob and created trouble, asking for the play to stop. They are outside the theater every day, creating an ugly climate,” a statement produced by the actors claimed.

“They threw paint at the facade and the marquee of the theater and cars parked outside… They try to block viewers who come to the show, sometimes using physical violence, all accompanied by personal threats to the actors and aggressive posts such as ‘burn the theater’,” the statement continued.

The influential bishop of Kalavryta, Amvrosios, earlier this week called on all Greek Orthodox Christians to boycott public broadcaster ERT for its coverage of the dispute, claiming it was “seeking to brainwash the viewers”.


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