Greece Approves Medicinal Cannabis Law

Greece’s parliament has approved a bill allowing the production of medicinal cannabis, with the government coalition and centrist parties voting in favor.

The main opposition New Democracy, the Communist Party, Golden Dawn and the Centrists’ Union voted against.

“We are discussing the licensing of a single, integrated unit that includes production, processing and production of finished medicinal products of hemp. That’s what it is about,” said Health Minister Andreas Xanthos.

The opposition parties that voted in favor of the bill said the framework introduced by the government is neither complete, nor clearly defined, however it is a first step in the right direction.

New Democracy said it does not question the value of medicinal cannabis but is against the way the government is passing laws, because it is not including safeguards to prevent uncontrolled cultivation, production and sale.

The Communist Party not only voted against the bill but called on the ministry to withdraw it, accusing the government of opening up the sector to “vultures” and “murderous multinationals”.

(Source: AMNA)


  1. Every country that attempts and medical cannabis regulations have failed, and ultimately modified their laws to allow for recreational cannabis use, as that is the only way the industry proved to be profitable. USA tried medical only and failed, then turned recreational and made billions. Canada tried medical only and lost billions in the attempt, now as of July 1st 2018 they are changing it to recreational. Its the same with every country. But this is not by coincidence. It’s easier for political parties to push medical cannabis, vs rec. But once medical cannabis is integrated and desensitized, recreational cannabis is just a matter of time.