Jailed Terrorist Giagtzoglou to Return to Korydallos Prison After Hunger Strike

Jailed anarchist Constantinos Yagtzoglou will be transferred from Larissa Prison to Korydallos Prison in Athens after a Friday decision by the Central Prison Transfer Committee.

Giagtzoglou is in custody with charges of sending parcel bombs to high officials, including a parcel bomb that injured seriously former prime minister Lucas Papademos. The jailed self-declared anarchist has not been tried yet.

Giagtzoglou went on hunger and thirst strike demanding to be transferred to Korydallos Prison. Meanwhile his supporters have been on a five-day rampage of vandalisms, attacks against police and burning of cars. They threaten that unless Giagtzoglou is transferred, the destructive acts will continue.

With a rush decision on Friday, the Ministry of Justice has decreed that Korydallos Prison will no longer be in a prison for convicts but a jail for people in custody awaiting trial. The decision is taken on the grounds that Korydallos Prison needed restructuring.

To that end, as stated in the communiqué issued, 27 jailed people awaiting trial will be transferred to Korydallos Prison, while 52 convicts incarcerated in Korydallos will be transferred to other prisons. Giagtzoglou is among the 27 to be sent to Korydallos.

All transfers are expected to take place until April 10th.



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