Driver Killed After 100-Mile Police Chase on Greek Highway

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    A 100-mile high-speed police chase ended in tragedy on Monday when a rogue driver smashed into a Greek police checkpoint.

    The male driver hit the police blockade on the main Athens-Thessaloniki highway after driving on the wrong side of the busy road for about 160 kilometers (100 miles).

    He ignored police warnings to stop and smashed through all toll barriers between the town of Velestino in central Greece all the way down to Tragana, in south Phthiotis.

    During his frenzied drive with a broken windshield, the driver kept crashing into police vehicles which were trying to approach him.

    Finally, the car smashed into a blockade of police cars and lorries near the town of Tragana.

    The driver succumbed to his injuries as he was taken to a local hospital.

    There is no information on his motive.


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