Soldiers Held in Turkey are ‘Sons of All Greeks’

The parents of the two Greek soldiers being held in Turkey for illegally crossing into the country last week have appealed to the Greek authorities to do more in order to secure their release.

Nikos Mitretodis, father of Lieutenant Aggelos Mitretodis, said the pair is in good health and in good spirits.

“We have seen our boys; they are fine and the [Turks] have been good to them,” Mitretodis said in an interview with Greece’s ANT1 TV on Thursday.

He added that Aggelos and Sergeant Dimitrios Kouklatzis, who are being held at a prison in the town of Edirne (Andrianoupolis), are awaiting a speedy release.

Their prolonged imprisonment is becoming particularly stressful for all concerned he said and appealed to the Greek government to engage more with the Turkish authorities to speed up the judicial process.

“Our sons show boldness, their spirits are high, but they also expect a response from the state,” Mitretodis said.

“They are not just our sons, they are the sons of all Greeks,” the father stressed in an emotional appeal.

Dimitrios Kouklatzis’ mother, Sofia, also spoke to Greek media following her first visit to the Edirne jail to meet her son on Monday.

She expressed her pride in her son “for doing his duty” and hoped that he will be released soon.

“I pray to the Virgin Mary for his speedy return,” she said, adding that she will revisit the jail next Monday.

Aggelos Mitretodis and Sergeant Dimitrios Kouklatzis lost their way in bad weather while patrolling the border near the town of Kastanies and ended up in Turkish territory, as they were following footprints in the snow.


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