Greek Minister Slams ‘Rhetoric of Hatred’

Christoforos Vernardakis

A “rhetoric of hatred” in Greek politics was condemned by a government minister on Friday, in a week which saw police break up a suspected neo-Nazi cell, and lawmakers face criticism for controversial outbursts.

In an announcement carried on a TV spot against discrimination, State Minister Christoforos Vernardakis said: “There were three incidents in the last week which we must examine with a cool head.

“The shocking statement of New Democracy’s deputy Athanassios Davakis who stated that he forbade any Roma or gypsy to vote him; the dismantling of a neo-Nazi organization alleged to have made multiple criminal attacks and finally, Golden Dawn deputy Ilias Kassidiaris’ verbal attack against SYRIZA MP Moustafa Moustafa.

“They are hatched by the same ideology,” Vernardakis  added. “The common denominator is the rhetoric of hatred that aims to marginalize our co-citizens, to harm the people and to discredit the right to be different.”




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