Gun Suspect Linked to Greek Far-Right

A Facebook post by a 32-year-old man arrested in Rethymno, Crete in possession of several firearms points to his membership of Greece’s far-right Golden Dawn party.

When police searched the suspect’s house they found a MG1 machine gun, two Kalashnikov rifles, one Uzi, nine grenades, several handguns as well as ammunition.

The suspect’s Facebook page contains a post which reads: “The place is protected. For information, please contact the local branch of Golden Dawn in your area. Security 24 hours a day”.

According to a Hellenic Police investigation, the 32-year-old was selling firearms, as six bank checks to his name amounting to €186,000 euros ($228,800) were found, along with €18,000 euros in hidden cash and €1,500 on his person.

Police are investigating those who supplied the guns, for possible buyers and the acts they were possibly used for.