Soaring Video Captures Beauty of Greek Island (video)

In Amorgos, There is Time is a short video from BKC Film which features stunning aerial and ground-level footage from the Cycladic island of Amorgos.

This beautiful Aegean island is located near the more popular islands of Naxos and Ios, on the southeast of the Cyclades.

The video has been produced on the initiative of the Convention of Culture and Tourism of Amorgos and local accommodation.

Amorgos views (Courtesy of Patrick Colgan, Orizzonti Blog).
Amorgos views (Courtesy of Patrick Colgan, Orizzonti Blog).

Amorgos’ natural beauty is made up of rugged landscape and fabulous beaches. The magic of the landscape is completed by whitewashed traditional architecture.

The legendary beauty of the island once inspired the filmmaker Luc Besson who, impressed by the virgin atmosphere of Amorgos, shot scenes for The Big Blue on the beach of Agia Anna.

Monastery of Hozoviotissa, Amorgos (Courtesy of Patrick Colgan, Orizzonti Blog).

The island’s landmark is the famous Monastery of Hozoviotissa, which has built in the slopes of a sheer cliff above the sea and which offers a breathtaking views of the blue of the Aegean.

Due settimane nelle Cicladi, Gabi Ancarola
Check Gabi Ancarola’s guide to the Cycladic Islands (Italian) with a full chapter on Amorgos.

The video, which starts with a distant image of the monastery, offers a magnetic sequence of images of the diversity of the island, including characteristic sights such as the Cycladic whitewashed buildings, the mountain and seaside villages, tavernas and a stunning shipwreck.

Sights combine to produce a video featuring those Greek traditions that visitors look for.

It is a scenery made of windmills and donkeys, but also with an interesting submarine world, splendid sunsets, and unique coastlines.