Greeks Rally for Soldiers Held in Turkey (video)

    (Courtesy of Evros News)

    Rallies have taken place in northern Greece calling for the release of two junior army officers being held in Turkey.

    Local media reported two demonstrations, one in Thessaloniki and a second in Oresteiada which is the hometown of one of the detained men, Sergeant Dimitris Kouklatzis.

    A cycling club from Oresteiada travelled to a nearby border crossing with Turkey early on Sunday morning before a rally was held in a packed town square later.

    Many present displayed Greek flags and heard calls for the government in Athens to do more to secure the two men’s release from custody.

    The two men were detained on March 1 after mistakenly crossing into Turkish territory while on patrol in bad weather.

    Posted by Apostolis Stathogamvros on Sunday, March 11, 2018