Michalis Fanourakis: The 91-Year-Old Student

Michalis Fanourakis is not the typical Greek university student, who studies in order to have a career afterwards. He is 91 years old and attends two different universities.

Fanourakis told CreteTV that in the past five years he has had plenty of time to learn and study. He is a student of the Open University and the Public Open University of Hersonissos, Crete.

Fanourakis said that education opens spiritual horizons, at any age: “Do you know how good it is for me to do this thing, a 91-year-old man, to come and sit next to a young man and chat?”

The 91-year-old told the Crete Today show that he has goals in life. He had a thirst for knowledge ever since he was a child, but World War II stopped him from getting a proper education. As a soldier in Thessaloniki he attended a seminar where he learned how to read.

Fanourakis did not stop studying and reading newspapers and books, although after the war he worked as a farmer. His wife even supported him in all his choices, urging him not to stop.