Greek Foreign Minister Receives Another Death Threat

For the second time in the space of two months, Greece’s foreign minister has received a letter containing a bullet in an apparent threat to his life according to a Greek daily.

Newspaper ‘Ta Nea’ reports that the letter accuses the minister of selling out Greek history by apparently agreeing to accept a compromise name which will include the term ‘Macedonia’.

The letter arrived at the ministry at the beginning of the week.

The bullet, which according to the report, was of a type used for anti-aircraft weapons, is being investigated by police and army experts.

Kotzias is currently locked in negotiations with FYROM over the country’s name. He is due to visit Skopje next week for a new round of discussions with the country’s leadership.

Greece’s foreign minister was the recipient of death threats again in early February when he received a letter containing a note which read: “There are three bullets for you.”