Greek Pilot Voted NATO “Top Gun” by Peers (video)

Flight Lieutenant Vassilis Kalogeridis of the 335 Fighter Squadron was voted Best NATO pilot by his peers.

Specifically, Kalogeridis was voted best trainee of the “Course Warrior” series, meaning that he is the pilot every other pilot would want to fly with in real air combat.

The Greek pilot is considered “Top Gun” by his peers. According to Greek military website, Greece won this distinction from the pilot who serves in the 335 Squadron of the 116th Wing of Araxos.

Specifically, the 335 Squadron participated in the NATO Tactical Leadership Program (TLP) for the 2018 Tactical Leadership Program on the Albacete Air Base in Spain. Four of the last generation aircraft of Greece’s Air Force, F-16 BLK 52+ ADV of the 116th Wing took part in the program: Two Blue Fighters, two Fighters as “External Fighters – Red Air,” two Air Force Control Specialists and a 335 Squadron Information Officer participated in the mission as trainees.

The 335 Squadron airmen received extraordinary reviews for their level of training, their perception of tactical moves and their effectiveness in all missions they were ordered to conduct. Specifically, the Greek formation “Velos” (Arrow) achieved the highest rates among the other participants under the leadership of Flight Lieutenant  Georgios Skourgias.