New Democracy Leads in Greek Polls by 10.3%

New Democracy leads in polls by 10.3 percent compared to SYRIZA, but the percentage of undecided voters or those who claim to abstain remains large.

The new survey conducted by MARC on behalf of Proto Thema newspaper shows the conservative party leading in voters’ preference with 28.9 percent with SYRIZA coming second at 18.6 percent. The percentages are for valid votes only, meaning that the answers of those who said they would cast a blank vote or abstain from the ballot were excluded.

The Movement of Change – the coalition of PASOK, To Potami and DEMAR – removed Golden Dawn from third place with 8 percent of the vote, while the nationalist party received 7.3 percent of potential voters’ preference. The Greek Communist Party (KKE) finished the top-five with 6.4 percent.

In the estimate of the elections results, the respondents who believe that New Democracy would win the election amounted to 35.3 percent, SYRIZA 22.7 percent,  Movement of Change 9.8 percent, Golden Dawn 8.9 percent, KKE 7.8 percent and Centrists Union 3.2 percent.

According to the above percentages and with the proportional distribution of undecided voters, in the new House to be formed after the elections New Democracy will have 151 seats, SYRIZA 65, the Movement of Change 28, Golden Dawn 25, KKE will have 22 and the Centrists Union 9 seats.