Greece to Object to Turkish Court after the Denial to Release the 2 Greek Soldiers

The lawyers of the two Greek soldiers on Wednesday will file an objection to a Turkish court’s decision that denied the release of the two Greek soldiers held in custody in Edirne, according to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA).

The two Greek servicemen have been held in jail for 27 days after their arrest for accidentally entering into Turkish territory by a few meters.

This was the second request for their release and was also rejected on the basis of the first, namely that they have no permanent residence in Turkey and if they are released they might flee before the trial.

Speaking to ANA, Nikos Kouklatzis; the father of Dimitris Kouklatzis, one of the two soldiers, said:

“The important thing is for the case to be tried and our children to return to their homeland.”

“It is the fact that they are held indefinitely without a specific trial date that hurts us emotionally, but we still believe that justice will be served, that real facts can not be distorted.”

“We know that the efforts to liberate Dimitris and Angelos (Mitretodis) continue and intensify and that the only thing that happened was that they accidentally entered the neighboring country. Accepting the release request would be a positive development, but let us not fool ourselves: the boys remain prisoners away from home. The point is that they immediately return to their families. We do not have the right to give up, because our boys have the mental courage that gives us the courage to deal with every worry and every obstacle.”

Turkish media: There is evidence of illegal acts committed by the Greek soldiers

Turkey’s Anadolu Agency reported that there is evidence that the illegal acts the Greek servicemen are suspected of have indeed been committed.

Citing judicial sources, the Turkish news agency report says that there are irrefutable evidence that the two Greek officers committed the illegal acts they are accused of.

According to the source cited, the penalty provided for the alleged illegal acts of the Greek servicemen can bring sentences of up to five years in prison.

Anadolou says that this is the reason the second release request was denied by the Turkish court.

The report further says that the two Greek servicemen claim they crossed the Turkish border “unintentionally”, the quotation marks signifying that the news agency implies that their act was intentional.