Most Young Unemployed Greeks Willing to Move for Work

Six out of ten unemployed Greeks aged 20 to 34 are ready to migrate or relocate to another part of Greece in order to find work, a Eurostat survey shows.

However, the phenomenon is not limited to Greek youth, as 50 percent of European young people are also considering migration to solve their unemployment problem.

In Greece, 31 percent of unemployed people aged 20-34 state that they are ready to move to another city in Greece to seek work.

An additional 17 percent are ready to move to another EU country and 11 percent appear willing to migrate to countries in other parts of the world.

At the same time, 41 percent of young jobless Greeks say they do not feel ready for such a move.

Overall, across the 28 EU member states, 50 percent of unemployed people aged 20-34 are reluctant to change their place of residence. Twenty-one percent are ready to move, but within their own country, while 12 percent would consider moving to another EU state and 17 percent are willing to migrate outside the EU.

The unemployed with a higher level of education are more ready for a move (22 percent within the country, 16 percent in the EU).