Shanghai Artists Display Ancient Skills in Athens

Two artists from Shanghai Museum have introduced Acropolis Museum visitors to the Chinese arts of calligraphy and traditional painting in a four-day workshop.

The showcase was part of the Shanghai Museum Treasures exhibition, part of the 2017 Greece-China Year of Cultural Exchanges and Cooperation in Creative Industries.

Calligrapher, exhibition designer and associate curator Yuan Qiming and painter and assistant curator of painting and calligraphy Yan Xiaojun worked before visitors, as if they were in their own studios.

Yuan presented major script types of Chinese calligraphy, one of the trademarks of Chinese culture.

Yan improvised with freehand skill and ink-wash, using various subjects such as colored landscapes and flowers.

Two important exhibits from Shanghai Museum are on display at the Acropolis Museum until April 30.

The two masterpieces are the bronze pan of Zi Zhong Jiang dating to the 7th century BC, and a hand scroll painting — Traveling Along the Clear River — created by artist Wu Hong in the 17th century.

In the spirit of cultural exchange, the Acropolis Museum has loaned two masterpieces of its own to the Shanghai Museum to be displayed until April 8.

Specifically, a marble statue of a Kore from the Acropolis (520-510BC), and a red-figure basin lid with a Dionysian scene (350-325BC).