Turkish Radio Dwarfs Greek Stations on Lesvos (video)

A radio station manager on the Aegean island of Lesvos has posted video online showing how broadcasts spilling over from neighboring Turkey more than double those of local Greek outlets.

Christos Valasellis, general manager of local station Kiss FM, used a FM antenna outdoors as well as a car radio to find that 16 Greek radio stations were dwarfed by 37 Turkish broadcasters in the center of Mytilene alone.

Valasellis said another seven or eights stations were detected but as their signal was too weak he did not include them in the Turkish total.

He claimed in a Facebook post that outside of the city, the number of Turkish stations rose to more than 50, and Greek stations fell to under 10.

Lesvos is only separated from Turkey by the narrow Mytilini Strait. Mount Sipylus in Turkey, north of Smyrna, provides an elevated point for signal broadcasts.

Valasellis claimed Greek governments had been acting to shut down domestic broadcasters while the Turkish state was subsidizing media in its territory.