Turkish Ship Tried to Ram Greek Vessel: Reports

    Greek coast guard vessel like the one confronted by Turkey’s nave on Wednesday (file photo)

    Reports from the island of Chios are claiming a Turkish coast guard ship tried to ram a Greek vessel which was rescuing refugees on Wednesday morning.

    Local media say Greek coast guard ship 611 was recovering around 40 refugees near an islet close to Chios when the Turkish craft entered Greek waters and began aggressive maneuvers.

    There was no damage to the small Greek craft which returned to Chios harbor, but reports say the Turkish craft stayed in Greek territorial waters for some time.

    Meanwhile, the Athens Macedonian News Agency (AMNA) said a large number of migrants and refugees reached the Aegean island in the 24 hours before the incident.

    Over 200 people arrived on the island in a number of dinghies from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday morning. This followed a three-month period of no arrivals to Chios.

    Hellenic Coast Guard says Turkish ship did not try to ram Greek boat

    There has been no attempt to ram the Greek coast guard boat by the Turkish vessel during the migrant rescue operation off Chios near Paspargos in the morning, a senior HCG official told the Athens-Macedonian News Agency late in the afternoon.


    The Greek official said that the Turkish boat entered Greek waters while the rescue operation was taking place and approached the scene. As soon as the Greek coast guard men rescued the migrants, the Turkish coast guard boat exited Greek waters and moved towards the Turkish coastline without  any follow-up to the incident.