Greek Anarchists Vandalize Churches on Holy Week (photos)

Slogan claiming that ‘theocracy’ rules in Greece as it does in Saudi Arabia and Iran

Several Greek Orthodox churches in Athens became the target of anarchists who sprayed slogans against the controversial bishop of Kalavryta, Amvrosios and the Church.

Vandals attacked Greek Orthodox churches in the Athenian suburbs of Ilisia and Zografou during Holy Week. No arrests have been made.

In a statement on a website, the culprits claimed that their actions targeted the “neo-nazi” bishop Amvrosios and the official Church that “offers him protection.”

Slogans targeting Amvrosios

“The fascist, homophobic discourse of every priest can not be left unanswered and must always receive the appropriate response from the movement,” the anarchists said.

In 2015 Amvrosios had written on his blog that the faithful “should spit on the gays”, calling homosexuals “abominations of nature.”

Amvrosios was however acquitted last month on the charges of hate speech and incitement to violence against gays.