Greek President Speaks with Father of Soldier Detained in Turkey

President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos spoke on the telephone with Nikos Mitretodis, father of soldier Angelos Mitretodis who along with Dimitrios Kouklatzis are held in Turkey.

The Greek president asked the father of the one of the soldiers to convey his wishes for the Resurrection of Christ and a Happy Easter, to both men.

According to Athens-Macedonian News Agency, during the telephone conversation Pavlopoulos stressed to Mitretodis that the bravery and morality of the two junior military officers demonstrate the greatness of Greece in terms of history, culture and democracy.

Mitretodis and Kouklatzis have been detained in an Edirne prison since March 1, after they were arrested in Kastanies, Evros, only a few meters inside Turkish territory. The two men claim that they lost their track due to the heavy snowstorm and entered Turkey accidentally.

Deputy Defense Minister Fotis Kouvelis also spoke via telephone with the parents of the two soldiers. Kouvelis promised the parents that the government will do everything possible to bring them back home soon.

The parents of the two junior officers visited their sons in the Erdine prison in an emotionally charged atmosphere. This was the first time they saw them and spoke to them without a glass separator, a privilege given once a month due to prison regulations.