Only Half of Greeks Consider Turkey a ‘Threat’: Survey

Only half of Greeks consider Turkey to be a threat to the country’s territorial integrity according to a new poll.

The survey by the Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) shows that 50.5 percent of respondents consider Turkey a threat, followed by Germany (4.5 percent) and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (2.5 percent).

Compared to the same survey in 2016 fewer Greeks appear to believe that they face a threat from a foreign country.

Despite tensions in the Aegean and Cyprus, the percentage of those who consider Turkey to be a threat had decreased from 52.5 in 2016, to 50.5 in 2018.

Also Germany, which was seen by some as orchestrating the austerity-imposed policies endured by Greece is considered to be less of a threat than it was two years ago.

Just 2.5 percent regard FYROM as a threat, which is very close to the two percent perceived threat that ELIAMEP found in its 2016 poll, despite the fact that the name dispute dominated the political discourse both before and during the 2018 poll was conducted.