Spectacular Drone Video Captures Greece’s ‘Little Venice’

It may be an exaggeration, but for many locals the town of Aitoliko lying on an island between two lagoons in western Greece is their little version of Venice.

A drone video captures the historic center of the town and the bridges on either side that connect Aitoliko to the mainland.

The old part of the town lies quite romantically on an island between two lagoons, of which the Aitoliko Lagoon extending up to Stamna lies to the north, and the Missolonghi Lagoon which was Lake Kynia in antiquity lies to the south where it connects with Gulf of Patras and into the Ionian Sea.

Tidal forces produce strong currents going back and forth under the arches of the bridges.

The taverns of Aitolikon offer specialties such as smoked or salted avgotaraho — Greek caviar — which is famous around the world for its unique taste and quality.

Avgotaraho is the egg of the fish kefalos (grey mullet) and is considered to be a superb specialty, some say superior to caviar.

Other specialties include butterflied grilled petali, grilled or baked eel and shellfish when in season.