Greece’s Beautiful Mount Ziria, Home of the God Hermes

Mount Ziria (By ulrichstill [CC BY-SA 2.0 Wikimedia Commons)
According to the legend, the Pleiad known as Maia gave birth to Zeus’ son Hermes in a cave near the lake Dasios, on Mount Ziria, near the village of Trikala.

Also known as Mount Kyllini or Mount Cyllene, this mountain is famous for its association with the god Hermes. It rises to 2,376 meters (7,795 ft) above the sea, being the second-highest point on the Peloponnese. Let’s take a look at the legend and at the wonderful origins of the myth.

Hermes, Son of Zeus

According to Greek mythology, Hermes was the second youngest of the Olympian gods. He was the emissary and messenger of the gods and the god of boundaries. He was the patron of merchants, shepherds, gamblers, liars and thieves.

Hermes (Courtesy of Vatican Museums [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)
Usually, Hermes is described as freely going from the world of the mortals to the realm of the divine. He was also the conductor of souls into the afterlife, therefore considered the protector of roads and travelers as well. His symbol is the Greek kerykeion, two snakes wrapped around a winged staff with carvings of the other gods.

Mount Ziria

Mount Ziria is located west of the valley of Flabouritsa in the Peloponnese and it is home to a magnificent landscape. Not casually, the Pleiades took the name from one of the daughters of Atlas and Pleione, also born on the slopes of the mountain.

The biggest village in the area is Trikala, an emerging tourist destination located on the western side of Mount Ziria. Its dry climate and convenient location – only 143 kilometers from Athens (88 miles) – put it as a favorite destination in any season, not only for the Greeks but also for international visitors.

On the northern side of Mount Ziria, there is an important ski center with a 100-meter-long baby lift and a 400-meter cable lift. The valleys and mountains of Trikala allow for relaxing hikes in the surrounding area of Lake Dasios, which has a small island.

Hidden paths in the mountains boast impressive pine forests that call for tranquil walks and exploration, just as Hermes would do.