Greek Ferries Face 24-Hour Stoppage on Wednesday

    Greek ferries will remain moored in their ports on Wednesday as a labor strike by the country’s seamen paralyzes the industry.

    The Greek seamen’s union federation PNO said its members will down tools on Wednesday, April 18 from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. the following day.

    Ferries will be affected, hitting transport links as the Spring tourism season takes off.

    A shipping ministry decision to allow cargo vessels to sail with a minimal crew prompted the action, which labor activists say could cost jobs across the industry.

    Government plans to allow non-EU ships to use Greek ports and hire non-Greek crews have also fueled anger among union members.

    Another 24-hour PNO strike in January affected travelers making ferry journeys in Greece. The union called the industrial action over what it called “cuts and regulations of the third memorandum as a result of the bailout requirements”.