Greek Football Game Descends into Massive Fistfight (video)

A football game in the Peloponnese descended into chaos as players got involved in a massive fistfight immediately after the final whistle.

The game between Iraklis Kalamata and Chandrinaikos, apparently a top-of-the-table clash in the lower local division of the prefecture of Messinia, ended in an 1-1 draw.

Nobody expected the violent scenes that followed. Initially players exchanged blows. Officials also got involved and finally spectators invaded the pitch creating utter havoc.

Football authorities are investigating the incident and are expected to penalize both teams.

Greek football has suffered from a host of violent incidents recently. In March, PAOK FC owner Ivan Savvidis interrupted the PAOK-AEK match after entering the pitch sporting a firearm.

FIFA has threatened to expel Greece for the world footballing body it it fails to take concete steps to eradicate violence into the sport.