Greek Police Smash International Burglary Ring

Some of the stolen goods recovered by Greek police

Greek police on Wednesday said they have broken up a “large-scale criminal organization” linked to a wave of burglaries in Greece and France.

A hundred Greek police were involved in an “large-scale joint European police operation” in the northern city of Thessaloniki which saw 14 people arrested.

Police also put on display a range of stolen goods as well as knives and firearms recovered from suspects during the arrests.

Among those detained is a 57-year-old Georgian national described by police as the head of the gang.

The investigation found that at least 56 burglaries and robberies in Thessaloniki residences and apartments over the last year netted the thieves stolen goods worth more than €1 million ($1.2 million).

Speaking to reporters, Brigadier Abraham Aivazidis said the operation was “one of the most important cases that have been recorded in the police stations of Thessaloniki, and our country as a whole, in the field of theft and burglary”.