Aggression Against Syria

Andreas C Chrysafis is a U.K.-published author of six books and over 400 press articles.

Congratulations go to the Cyprus government! Cyprus has made international news again; not for its ‘famous strong’ leadership but lack of it.

It failed to protect the island and has placed all innocent Cypriots in harm’s way by allowing the U.S., U.K. and France to attack Syrian targets without a substantiated proof.

On April 14, Akrotiri had become the hub of military activities on coordinating the firing of over 100 missiles against alleged Syrian chemical weapons sites.

Obviously the Anastasiades government was well aware about the missile attacks and did not object to sorties using the island as a firing platform. The illegal airstrikes makes Cyprus an accomplice by association at a time when it depends on the rule of law to resolve its own political problems and 43-year Turkish military occupation.

Cyprus’ role could in fact force Russia’s hand to reconsider its loyalty and develop closer ties with Turkey. Losing Russian political support at the UN Security Council could prove disastrous for Cyprus but especially if Russia decides to turn its back on the island altogether; good diplomacy means making good friends and not enemies.

The truth about the military assault lies somewhere between madness and the ridiculous; real truth has now become the victim of Trump’s manipulation and government misinformation supported by media frenzy regurgitating faked news each minute of the day.

There are too many questions to be asked and as far as the population of the world is concerned, those answers are well-hidden between mazes of lies.

Listening to the heads of states and American generals congratulating themselves, attempting to justify the unjustifiable, makes one realize how fragile the world has become with such mentality.

President Trump boasted childishly to his generals that “not a single missile failed,” yet over 70 were intercepted. If Putin did not demonstrate restraint and real statesmanship nobody knows what may have happened if Russia retaliated; Cyprus was smack in the center of this theatre of madness.

Yet, under the 1960 Zurich Agreement the government could have resisted but decided to go along with America’s war madness. As a sovereign state Cyprus had every legal right to protest and stop the Triad on using the island as a launching pad to attack a neighboring country – especially when there was not a UN resolution justifying those airstrikes.

What took place under the very eyes of the world shows that Cyprus lacks a principled decisive leadership. If Russia did not use restraint and common sense, the conflict could have escalated and produced chaos for Cyprus. It appears that the government prefers a “yes” policy in the interest of the EU and others rather than safeguarding the nation and its citizens.

The illegal assault by the U.S., U.K. and France against Syria offer reasons to finally put an end to those British military bases. Their operation now presents serious risks to the safety of the island. Meanwhile, Britain provides no guarantees that the same war tactics will not be repeated again.

Despite British claims, those foreign military bases are in fact not “sovereign” bases under international law (rules jus cogens). Cyprus, as an internationally recognized state, could argue that international agreements were violated using the bases for war purposes against a third country. According to international law, rules and procedures, this violation offers reasons for the dismantling of those British bases.

Does the Cyprus government and Cypriot politicians have the stamina and courage to initiate leadership and deal with the British bases to prevent a possible disaster in the future? That’s very unlikely. None have demonstrated such leadership quality in the past and none are expected to deal with the issue.

In fact, this is the second time in recent months the U.K. and NATO allies used the British bases for war purposes and this clearly demonstrates a worrying new trend; a trend that reveals how little respect the EU or NATO has or gives a damn to what happens to the small island of Cyprus or its people.