‘Science Without Borders’ Festival Opens in Athens

The 2018 Athens Science Festival opens its doors on Tuesday, with five days of events that explore the frontiers of knowledge from the quantum level to that of planets, stars and galaxies, as well as all the stages in between.

The ASF is held from April 24-29 at Technopolis in Gazi.

It will feature lectures, presentations, games, demonstrations of experiments and six separate exhibitions of art using the mediums of music, video, 2D-3D animation and film and other methods of expression.

The theme of this year’s ASF, the fifth since the first festival held in 2014, is to show that science may have frontiers but recognizes no borders, neither the artificial borders of countries nor those of disciplines and specializations.

To this end, ASF 2018 is entitled “ Science Without Borders” and explores the ways in which scientific cooperation networks develop through interdisciplinary and transnational endeavors, with large research facilities striving to answer complex questions and solve human problems.

This includes the barriers previously raised between experts and non-experts, as social media and the arts make science “ fun” and help it penetrate pop culture to reach the general public.

Protagonists of the events will include the Greek scientist that won the German “ nobel prize” for a new method of imaging cancer cells, the biophysicist that uses spaghetti to explain protein structure, the researcher who links dark matter and super symmetry to experimental rock or the Lebanese scientist working in Greece, combining quantum biology with his love for perfumery.

In addition to talks and workshops, contests, film screenings and events for adults, the five-day festival also has escape rooms, activities and workshops for kids.

Source: AMNA