Greek Anarchists Target British Council in Athens

    Members of the Greek Rouvikonas (Rubicon) anarchist group stormed the British Council offices in central Athens on Thursday morning, the latest in a spate of such incidents in the Greek capital.

    The group of around 20 people entered the premises in Athens’ Kolonaki district  shouting slogans against the war and leaving propaganda leaflets strewn around.

    There were no arrests.

    In an online post, the group said it carried out the raid to protest Britain’s involvement in the recent bombing of Syrian regime chemical-weapons sites.

    The British Council is the U.K.’s international organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities

    On Sunday, members of Rouvikonas also paint-bombed the French embassy in the Greek capital.

    The French Embassy’s building after Monday’s attack

    The Greek Foreign Ministry condemned the attack and said the authorities were searching for the perpetrators.

    “Such unacceptable actions do not affect the friendship between Greece and France, nor the ties between our peoples,” it said.