Greek Beaches Notch Up Nearly 520 Blue-Flag Awards

Greece is the second country worldwide for its number of blue-flag beaches according to the Association for Environmental Education and the Consumer (ADEAC).

Almost 520 of the country’s beaches were awarded the prestigious blue-flag status. The top area in Greece, for this year again, is Halkidiki with 89 flags.

Blue flags are awarded to those beaches that meet high standards for hygiene, sanitary conditions, safety, accessibility and the provision of lifeguards.

The international committee this year awarded 3,687 beaches, 679 marinas and 55 tourist boats across the world.

Spain safely holds onto its title in 2018 as the country with the most blue-flag beaches. It will be able to fly blue flags at a total of 590 of its beaches this summer.

Greece is second this year, followed by Turkey, France and Italy in that order, out of the world total of 4,423 blue flags in 45 countries.

According to the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature, the national operator of the program, the blue flag is the most recognizable ecological symbol in the world.