Greek Church Hits Out at Same-Sex Foster Care

The Greek Orthodox Church leadership has said it remains opposed to same-sex foster care following Wednesday’s passing of a fostering bill in the Greek parliament.

The bill, which would allow couples who have signed a cohabitation agreement — including same-sex couples — to become foster parents was approved by 161 lawmakers to 103 against, dividing the country’s SYRIZA-Independent Greeks (ANEL) coalition.

In a statement on Thursday, the 12-man Greek Orthodox Permanent Holy Synod said it “again states its strong opposition to the choice of the State to deprive certain children of the right to grow up in a normal family environment, with father and mother role models”.

“It is not by chance that until today the Greek people continue to trust the family as one of its basic values. Unfortunately, ‘political correctness’ prevailed once again, against the natural order and the interests of children,” it went on.

However, it added that it did not seek to “impose its views on the State” but said as the “most massive institution of the Greek people” it had a right to speak out.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has criticized some lawmakers and part of the media for concentrating solely on the provision that allows same-sex couples to become foster parents.

In a debate in parliament on Tuesday, ANEL lawmaker Konstantinos Katsikis compared homosexuality to pedophilia, adding: “These people [same-sex couples] do not want to use their ability to reproduce, but they want to become foster parents.”