Police Arrest 10 Rubicon Anarchists after Tinos Mayor Presses Charges

Tinos police and port authority on Thursday arrested 10 members of the Rubicon anarchist group after they invaded the island’s town hall and threatened the mayor over the issue of two municipal workers who were killed in an accident.

The Rubicon members were identified by the island’s port and police authorities, following a complaint by the mayor of Tinos, Yiannis Siotos. The complaint involved a raid they had carried out in Tinos’ Town Hall where they threw flyers with slogans against the municipal authority and left, according to Protothema.gr news website.

The Rubicon activists tried to return to Piraeus by boat, but when they went to buy tickets from a travel agency, police and the port authority were there to arrest them.

“We are a small society; I want residents to feel safe and not live in fear,” Tinos’ mayor told Protothema.gr.

Siotos also told the website that he will press additional charges against the anarchist group if need be.

Ten members of the anarchist group had charged into the Town Hall earlier, protesting the tragic death of two workers on April 30.

“For us it is not difficult at all to board a boat and get back to Tinos. What we want is that we never have to go back to Tinos,” warned Rubicon in a text appearing on an anarchist website.

According to the text, Rubicon members claim that the accident that killed the two workers is actually a murder committed by the town mayor — who they refer to as the instigator — and the capitalist system.