Mystery Surrounds Missing Bulgarian Women in Crete

Missing Bulgarian women Antonina Zoeva (L) and Desi Ilieva (R).

The family of a Bulgarian woman gone missing from Crete this week have told Greek Reporter they are worried her case will be forgotten after a few days of “routine police work”.

Antonina Zoeva, 38-year-old mother of one, had been staying at the small village of Choumeri, situated between the towns of Rethymno and Iraklion.

She had been due to meet two friends for a day out at a beach last Friday, but she never turned up. Her boyfriend informed police of her disappearance.

Zoeva is the second Bulgarian woman in the space of few days to go missing from the same area of the popular island.

In an email to the Greek Reporter from Bulgaria, a close relative said the Zoeva family said they are “desperate” for information on her whereabouts.

He also warned of the danger the case will be forgotten after a few days of “routine police work”.

Antonina Zoeva

On May 2, another Bulgarian woman disappeared from the same region of Crete.

Thirty-seven-year-old Desi Ilieva was pregnant. Her boyfriend — the father of the unborn child — committed suicide four days after she went missing.

Desi Ilieva

A close friend of Desi, speaking to local media, claimed that her 45-year-old boyfriend had been pressing her to have an abortion.

She added that the boyfriend’s suicide is another mysterious twist in her friend’s disappearance.

“People that perhaps know what has happened remain silent. Lips are sealed”, she said.

There is no information on whether Greek police consider that the cases of the two missing Bulgarian women to be linked.

Bulgarian media report that the country’s expat community in Crete are worried as these two disappearances are the only the latest serious incident involving a Bulgarian citizen on the Greek island since early May.

The remains of Alexandra Bijeva were found washed up on a lonely beach in the town of Agios Nikolaos, earlier this month.