Once-Decadent Ladadika is Now Thessaloniki’s Hotspot (photos)

One of the most vibrant spots of Thessaloniki is Ladadika, just five minutes from Aristotle Square, the heart of Greece’s second-biggest city.

Ladadika’s colorful-yet-historical neoclassical protected buildings radiate the spirit and atmosphere of the old Thessaloniki. The neighborhood is essentially a mix of the past and present, of traditional and contemporary.

The name Ladadika (from the Greek word ‘ladi’ which means ‘oil’ in English) comes from the many shops which sold oil and oil byproducts in the past.

In fact, the whole area served as a market before and during the Ottoman era. It used to host many stores and merchants with a plethora of products.

Being close to the port, it later became a notorious magnet for the many brothels and dance halls which catered to visiting sailors and soldiers.

By the mid-1970s the area had almost been abandoned; in 1985 the Ministry of Culture declared it as a protected district, paving the way for its revivial.

In the ’90s, hundreds of buildings from the interwar period were restored and declared protected historic landmarks.

There are now dozens of ouzeri, restaurants and specialized eateries focusing not only on Mediterranean and Greek food, but also Italian, Spanish and even Argentinian, Chinese and American.

Next to the restaurant strip, you will find an equally impressive range of bars and clubs with both Greek and international music. Especially in the area that the locals call Valaoritou.

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