Anarchists Single Out Greek Opposition Leader

    A suspected leading member of the Rouvikonas anarchist group has singled out the leader of Greece’s main opposition party, Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

    In a Facebook comment under Mitsotakis’ video condemning the Rouvikonas attack on the Council of State premises in Athens on Monday, the anarchist ringleader says that “whatever we have to say to Mitsotakis, will tell him face-to-face and soon”.

    It is thought this is the first time Rouvikonas, responsible for dozens of attacks against embassies, private businesses and state institutions, has singled out a senior politician.

    In the message, the anarchists’ leader calls Mitsotakis a “far right-neoliberal hybrid”.

    In a second post a little later, the same individual launches an attack against the Greek judiciary and justifies vandalism against the Council of State building.

    Greek judges “legitimize wage and pension cuts for millions of people while awarding themselves salaries of thousands of euros making increases to their own,” he writes.