Tension in Lesvos Migrant Camp Continues

Friday’s fights at Moria migrant camp on Lesvos between Kurds and Arab asylum seekers that left six people injured, generated tension that continued through Saturday, according to the Athens News Agency.

Authorities moved about 120 Kurdish refugees, mainly families with children, to the  PIKPA camp, managed by the Lesvos Solidarity NGO, while more than 300 migrants left Moria to move to Mytilene town.

Meanwhile, police forces blocked migrants from the Kara Tepe camp to prevent them from entering Mytilene. The migrants, in turn, blocked the northern entrance to the town demanding their immediate departure from the island for safety reasons.

Police try to block the move of migrants to Mytilene town from all points as the camps are overcrowded and asylum seekers demand to be transferred to the mainland.