New Protest Rallies Against Use of ‘Macedonia’ in Skopje Name

New protest rallies against the use of the term ‘Macedonia’ by Skopje are scheduled in several cities in Greece for June 6, organized by the Struggle Committee for Hellenism of Macedonia.

The members of the committee set up by the coordinating bodies of the two major rallies for Macedonia in Athens and Thessaloniki, have already made a series of contacts with representatives of local government. They have asked them “to support in practice the struggle of Greek citizens against the sell-off of the name of Macedonia,” as they say in a statement.

Within the next few days the Struggle Committee for Hellenism of Macedonia in cooperation with Pan-Macedonian Associations, will announce the rallies in Athens, Thessaloniki and other cities in Greece. The rallies will take place simultaneously on June 6 at 19:30.

According to the organizing committee, the rallies will remind the government that the Greek people “have taken their decision on the name of Macedonia and demand that it is applied”.

“The Struggle Committee for Hellenism of Macedonia clarifies to the Greek government that no name that includes the term “Macedonia” should be accepted by the Greek side,” the announcement concludes.

From the government side, SYRIZA MP and former deputy foreign minister Nikos Xydakis said on public television ERT that “you can not exercise foreign policy under the pressure of rallies, especially when their speech is extreme, incendiary and stalemate.”