Greek Workers March Against Austerity in Athens (video)

Striking workers, pensioners and students marched through central Athens on Wednesday in protest against a new wave austerity measures that will kick in after the country’s third international bailout expires this summer.

Two separate rallies took place. The first was organized by the communist-affiliated union PAME and the second by Greece’s largest labor unions, the private sector union GSEE and its public sector counterpart ADEDY.

A group of leftists, who accused the trade unions of colluding with employers, attempted to disrupt the second gathering at Klathmonos square by throwing eggs and storming the main stage. Minor scuffles erupted before the group fled.

The strike action has affected transport in the Greek capital and there were some changes and cancellations to flights due to an air traffic controllers’ stoppage.

Ships remained in ports around the country as the umbrella union of Greek seamen, PNO, also took part in the strike.