One-Fifth of Greek Boys are Obese, Study Reveals

Despite its reputation for a healthy Mediterranean diet, Greece has come second in European table for its high number of overweight children, according to a World Health Organization study.

The European Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative (COSI) found 42 percent of Greek kids were too heavy, putting Greece alongside fellow Mediterranean countries Spain and Italy. It also found that two out of 10 boys are obese.

However, compared to previous years’ figures this percentage is declining.

The COSI study measured trends in excess weight and obesity among primary-school children in the 2015-2017 period. COSI found that 42 percent of boys and 38 percent of girls in primary-school age in Greece are overweight while 20 percent of boys and 14 percent of girls are obese.

Cyprus is top of the list, with 43 percent of its children of primary-school age being characterized as overweight.

Regarding obesity rates, Greece ranks third in obese boys (20 percent), compared to  21 percent in Cyprus and Italy.

As for obese girls, Greece ranks joint fourth with Italy, with Cyprus again topping the EU chart with 19 percent, followed by Spain and Malta with 17 and 15 percent respectively.