‘Jurassic Park’ Bird Spotted in Greece (photos)

Social media users in Greece were left scratching their heads after a picture of a scary flying animal resembling a scene from Jurassic Park went viral.

The enormous-looking avian was photographed on Wednesday near Crete’s Ierapetra.

The initial excitement of what some believed to be a sighting of a prehistoric bird was dampened when it later emerged through new photos that the bird in question was a heron.

The herons are long-legged freshwater and coastal birds in the family Ardeidae, with 64 recognized species, some of which are referred to as egrets or bitterns rather than herons.

Although herons resemble birds in some other families, such as the storks, ibises, spoonbills, and cranes, they differ from these in flying with their necks retracted, not outstretched.