On-Campus Cops Cut Crime at Greek University


(File photo)

A committee at a Greek university plagued by on-campus crime has said drafting in police officers has stemmed a tide of lawlessness.

Thessaloniki’s Aristotle University is one of the dozens of third-level institutions in Greece which has suffered from a spate of robberies, vandalism, assaults and drug dealing.

Speaking to Greek newspaper Kathimerini, Aristotle rector Pericles Mitkas said on-campus violence was “incompatible” with a university environment.

Last year, nearly 500 students at the college issued a letter, condemning the anarchy taking place in their university.

The problem is also present in Athens. In February, Greek prosecutors were to get involved in the scandal of general criminality plaguing the country’s universities.

Athens Chief Prosecutor Elias Zagoras was to start a preliminary investigation into reports of lawlessness on college campuses.

The intervention followed National Kapodistrian University of Athens (EKPA) Deputy Professor Manos Stephanidis’ open letter to the Dean of the School of Economics, Thanos Dimopoulos, complaining of criminal activities and lawlessness on campus.

In it, Stephanidis hit out at alleged robberies and assaults against students and professors, an exchange of gunfire outside a student dormitory, an armed robbery at an ATM plus the stabbing of a student.