Read These Top 20 Ancient Greek Baby Names

Linus, Nikias, or Pamphilos?

A popular parenting website has gone crazy for Greek names, giving its thousands of readers 20 of the most popular Hellenic monikers for their newborns.

The Babycenter blog listed names for boys and girls which hark back to ancient Greece, “the birthplace of Western civilisation”.

“The ancient Greeks left a legacy of new ideas about science, art and philosophy,” Babycenter writes, adding: “Their influence can still be felt today, and that even extends to baby names! Many modern names, such as Sophia and Alexander, have their origins in ancient Greece.”

Among the girls’ names are Agnes, meaning ‘chaste’; Chrysanthe, the feminine form of Chrysanthos; and Euthalia meaning ‘flower, bloom’.

For the boys, there is Linus, meaning ‘flax’; Nikias, meaning ‘victory’; and Pamphilos, meaning ‘friend of all’.