French Acrobat Dazzles Crowds in Central Athens (photos)

Athenians were left gazing in awe as a French artist performed breathtaking acrobatics in Syntagma Square in front of the Greek parliament on Thursday.

Chloe Moglia’s performance was part of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival, Greece’s most prestigious summer cultural event over the past six decades.

The French artist performed on a thin curved bar set up some six meters (almost 20 feet) above the ground, with no safety net beneath.

“Our lives are constantly hanging by a thread — the thread of time. For Chloe Moglia, hanging in mid-air is a way to live here and now; a way of giving meaning and density to things around us,” was how the Athens and Epidaurus Festival introduced the 40-year-old artist in a welcoming note.

“The condition of being suspended in mid-air and hanging on for dear life generates a world of contrasts — above and below, the trivial and the tragic,” the festival’s added.