Anthony Bourdain’s Love for Greece

Anthony Bourdain on Naxos Island, Greece Photo: courtesy CNN

The unexpected loss of Anthony Bourdain shocked many people across the world, as the eccentric American chef had visited every corner of the globe to taste local delicacies. And, naturally, Greece was one of his favorite gastronomic destinations.

Every time Bourdain was doing a show in Greece, his eyes sparkled with love and admiration for the country. Whether he was watching a village woman making fyllo for bougatsa or a fisherman showing his catch, the acclaimed chef acted like a child gazing at the window of a candy store.

Bourdain was filled with joy when he talked to Greek chefs or the old lady at the remote village of Crete cooking a local dish. And he always showed his love for Greek hospitality and rich traditions.

The late chef also had a great sense of humor. “It looks like what I once used to smoke drugs,” he joked when he saw a pack of rolling papers in a Greek kitchen.

“Eating makes you happy, right?” a Greek woman had asked him. “Yes, of course,” Bourdain had replied, with a wide grin.

The island that impressed him the most and that he expressed his love for was Naxos. He enjoyed the sunset along with a group of young Greeks as much as the delicious local cuisine.

In his show “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” that started on the Discovery Channel and continued on CNN he said about Naxos:

“There is real life here. People are working. Fishermen …”