OPINION: The ‘Macedonia’ Deal Betrays Hellenism

FYROM leader Zoran Zaev (l) and Greek premier Alexis Tsipras (r) at the World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland, Jan. 24, 2018 (file photo)

By Andreas Chrysafis

The Kim/Trump summit can be considered as a victory for sanity. A deal was negotiated by two arch enemies that only yesterday were ready to use nuclear warheads against each other. They both showed statesmanship and have my respect; it’s a good move for peace.

But what Tsipras did this week was insanity. Pressured by NATO, the IMF/Troika and the EU, this man signed away the national and cultural pride of Hellenism in accepting the renaming of the Albania/Skopje nation as a new ‘North Macedonia’ and sharing its name with Macedonia in Greece.

If that’s not an insult for the Hellenic nation, I don’t know what it is. This is a national disgrace of a grand scale; tomorrow it will be the turn of the Aegean islands to share with Turkey.

The same is planned for Cyprus. The Anastasiades government and most Cypriot politicians are ready to partition the island and probably rename the Turkish occupied area as the new ‘North Turkish Cyprus’.

The U.S./Korea agreement is a victory for common sense but the Greek/Skopje agreement is a time bomb ready to explode; nobody can anticipate what will happen next. Knowing the Greeks, they will defend their national heritage and pride.

Cyprus is the next victim of insanity and will succumb to the wishes of the EU, Troika and NATO but also to Turkish aggression and sign a deal. What would Greek Cypriots do then? Nothing, as always.

Today is a sad day for Greek pride and the Hellenic world.