Greek Lawmaker Wanted for Treason Now Says He Respects Democracy

A Greek member of parliament arrested on Monday on treason charges has expressed regret over his outburst last week that the military should arrest the president, prime minister and defense minister over the deal on the FYROM name issue.

Konstantinos Barbarousis, who has been ousted from his ultra-right Golden Dawn party, will face a magistrate on Wednesday to answer charges of fomenting high treason.

According to reports, Barbarousis evaded a police blockade late on Friday in the western region of Aetoloakarnania where he sought refuge after a high-speed dash across the country.

He described his comments, which were recorded in parliament, as “unfortunate” and said they only made up a small part of a speech that had been added without much thought during an impassioned debate.

He said he would formally withdraw the comments in parliament.

Barbarousis also insisted that he has complete respect for Greece’s constitution, democratic system and its fundamental institutions.