Athens Day Trip: How to Spend Your Day on the Greek Island of Tinos

While visiting Athens this summer you are probably looking to figure out which of the nearby islands you should visit in an excursion from the mainland.

One island that is seeped in history and beauty is the island of Tinos. The island is laced with sacred religious and historic sites, history museums, and art museums – and dotted with charming authentic Greek villages. Let’s look at how you can spend your day visiting this island and what sites you want to be sure to put on your itinerary.

First off, one piece of advice when visiting this island is to rent a car. There is so much to see on this island and in order to set your own pace, driving from each destination point is the way to really enjoy yourself.

Start off in the town of Tinos, also called Chora, at the Church of the Virgin Mary, (the Panayia Evanyelistria Cathedral). This is the most popular attraction on this island. Even many Greeks visit this Church regularly and pray or give thanks to the icon, as it is known to be a source of numerous miracles.

Next stop on the itinerary – Pyrgos village, located just northwest of Chora. This quaint village transports you to another time with its traditional Cycladic architecture. Here you will find yourself strolling the whitewashed narrow alleys, visiting small churches and taking an endless amount of photos of the white-washed cubic houses with brightly painted doors and windows.

Here you will also find Museum of Marble Crafts – a must see on your trip. Afterall, marble has been a big part of the island’s history and its architecture. Tinos is the birthplace of many modern Greek sculptors; the best known is Giannoulis Halepas, from Pyrgos.

You can also enjoy a traditional meal in one of the town squares at a local taverna. The atmosphere and food are sure to be unforgettable!

Close to Pyrgos village is a great beach called Rohari Beach. Although it is an organized beach complete with a beach bar, you can also opt to chill out under the trees and relax on the sandy beach.

On your drive back to Chora you do not want to miss Kardiani village, which is located in one of the greenest parts of the island. The village is like a painting and it gracefully lies on the slopes of Mount Pateles. It’s only 16 kilometers northwest of Chora, so there is no reason to miss out on seeing this hidden gem!

The historic ruins on the island at the site of the ancient capital of Tinos at Xomburgo are a magnificant site. Also from here you will have great panaromic veiws of the Aegean Sea. You can stop here on your way to Chora to enjoy the views and snap some unforgettable photos.

Tinos is known for its amazing sunsets, so before returning to the mainland, why not have a Greek coffee at a cafeteria in Chora and enjoy watching the sun set and the night sky lighting up in an array of blazing oranges and reds – the perfect ending to an amazing day.