Acropolis Museum to ‘Gain’ a New Level after Foundation Excavations End

The Acropolis Museum in Athens will soon have a new level, as excavations in the building’s foundations unearthed significant findings.

As the institution celebrates its ninth anniversary this week, Acropolis Museum director Dimitris Pantermalis quipped: “Now the museum has five levels.”

Visitors can admire the new findings within the next year once the new underground level is completed.

“A large platform and a series of catwalks will be created to pass between the ruins of the excavation, almost avoiding the use of stairs,” Pantermalis said, adding that the visitor should find a balance between the ancient and the modern.

In the June 2017-May 2018 period, the Acropolis Museum had 1,666,286 visitors, with 74 percent of them being individuals and the rest being in groups. It has 410,904 ‘friends’ on Facebook while its website has seen 853,316 visits in one year.

The museum director also announced another project, expected to be completed in the next season. The ‘Digital Acropolis Museum’ will see the institution modernized with many more digital applications added to its services, Pantermalis said, adding that the 25-27 new digital media applications will appeal to all visitors and especially to young children.