Greece Faces Week of Extreme Weather

A “remarkable” change in Greece’s weather is expected this week, according to a prominent weatherman.

Giannis Kallianos, a regular on Greek television, has said “autumn weather is at the gates of our country” ahead of anticipated thunderstorms and floods this week.

Kallianos is predicting extreme weather to last until Thursday and anticipates flooding.

The Monday morning commute will be a bit worse as strong rain and high winds are expected in Western Macedonia, central and western Thessaly, Epirus, the central and western Peloponnese and the Ionian Islands.

From Tuesday, rains and a drop in temperatures are expected nationwide with falls of 7-8 degrees Celsius. Winds in the northern Aegean sea are expected to pick up to 6-8 on the Beaufort scale.

Athens and Thessaloniki will also see storms on Tuesday leaving the cities exposed to volatile conditions. As the week progresses, the extreme weather will become more localized.