Everything You Need to Know When Planning Your Destination Wedding in Greece

Photo Credit: Olympia Giannopoulou

Couples are flocking to Greece for their one-of-a-kind destination dream wedding. Greek Reporter spoke with boutique wedding planner Olympia Giannopoulou, owner of Marry Me in Greece, about the latest wedding trends for couples and what to expect when you are planning your destination wedding in Greece.

Olympia started her boutique wedding planning business five years ago after spending a quarter of a century in hotel management where one of her many responsibilities was event planning and coordinating. All of her skills are put to use when planning a destination wedding for one of her clients. She explained to Greek Reporter that she offers “full service” wedding planning.

“Everything from paperwork and documents you need to get married in Greece to hair and makeup, photography, hiring a DJ, transportation, services to refresh the bride’s gown, referrals for wedding cake designers, ordering flowers and decorations – even fireworks – these are the services that I offer,” Olympia explained.

Photo Credit: Tselina Tseliou

The wedding planning business for destination weddings in Greece has seen a steady increase over the past few years. Playing a major role is the increase in tourism throughout Greece due to the geopolitical situations of surrounding countries. Many tourists come to Greece, fall in love with the beauty of the country and most of all, feel safe while visiting. They then choose it as their dream destination to get married.

Photo Credit: Olympia Giannopoulou

“Greece has beautiful and amazing spots where you can have a wedding. This unique environment cannot be found anywhere else,” Olympia said.

She explained that her destination weddings can be as small as 2-35 people or as large as 125. When asked where the number-one requested place in Greece to get married is, Olympia told Greek Reporter: “Santorini is still the number-one place in Greece for tying the knot.”

It’s not hard to understand why couples desire to get married on Santorini, with its backdrop of the traditional whitewashed cubic-style houses overlooking the caldera and the sparkling blue waters of the sea below. Talk about a destination wedding that is a dream come true!

Photo Credit: Nikos Gogas

Other popular places to get married are Mykonos, Athens and even smaller islands like Kea, located off the coast of the mainland. Couples even choose the neo-classical backdrop of Nafplio, the original capital of Greece.

The majority of destination weddings for Marry Me in Greece are Greek Orthodox weddings for the diaspora which are “very expensive. They treat the wedding like it is a holiday as well,” Olympia explained. “I have also done symbolic weddings, Hindu weddings and one Jewish wedding.”

She added: “My biggest challenge is to have every bride pleased. And the best reward is when everyone is happy at the end of the wedding and there are kisses and smiles. My goal is to build business on reputation and trust.”

Photo Courtesy of Marry Me in Greece

Some advice to couples that are thinking of booking Greece as the destination for their wedding – be sure to book far in advance! More and more couples are choosing Greece as their location to get married and spots are limited for many wedding planning companies. “I only do 15-20 weddings a year on average. I have many couples book as much as 2 years in advance. They know they want to be married in Greece and they pay a deposit and secure the price,” Olympia told Greek Reporter.